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ITW Chemin

Rust Preventives
Metal Working Fluids
Micro Lubrication Systems and Oils




WS 5050

□  Premium Water-Soluble cutting fluid, enriched with extreme pressure additives.
□  Excellent tool life and long life in heavy duty machining operations.

WS 500N

□  Long life, water-soluble oil.
□  Suitable  for centralized and individual machine shops.

WS 600N

□  Multipurpose water soluble oil.


□  Water-soluble oil, designed to offer excellent performance even in hard water areas. (1000 ppm)


□  High Performance, Long Life Semi-Synthetic Metal Working Fluid.


□  Multi Purpose semi-synthetic metal working fluid.


□  High Performance semi synthetic cutting fluid, specially formulated for aluminum machining.


□  High performance synthetic grinding fluid.

EDM 30

□  Electrical discharge machining fluid.
□  Water white clarity, high flash point and high break down voltage (42kv).




Environmentally safe lubricants for Metal Working Industry
  • Eliminates Disposal
  • Increases tool life dramatically
  • Non-misting, non hazardous
  • Eliminates part cleaning
  • Non-flammable
  • Economical

Accu-Lube Applicators
Features of Accu-Lube Applicators
  • 100% pneumatically operated, positive displacement pumps which operate on 60-150 psi
  • Pneumatic timing device with a 5-200 stroke control range
  • Independent and variable lubricant and air flow adjustment for each pump
  • Durable, light weight box with lock
  • Manual or automatic on/off controls for easy operation
  • 12 feet lubricant and air line for easy installation
  • Multiple nozzle options available: Copper, Stainless Steel, Loc-Line Magnetic base

Accu-Lube Metalworking Lubricants
Specific Characteristics of the Accu-Lube Lubricants
  • Non toxic, non-allergenic, Biodegradable and Environmentally safe
  • All ingredients listed on the TOSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act) Registration List
  • Accu-Lube is not subject to SARA (Superfund Amendment Re-authorization Act) reporting.
  • Will not attack metals, plastics, paints or rubber
  • Unlimited shelf life
Specialised lubricants to prevent staining or Aluminium during heat treatment.
In addition to the features listed above for the Accu-Lube lubricant, this lubricant is the only product of its type of pass all 7 of the Federal Hazardous Substance Act test pertaining to toxicity.
  • Primary Skin Irritation
  • Dermal Toxicity
  • Sensitisation (Buehler Patch)
  • Ocular Irritation
  • Accute Oral Toxicity
  • Accute Inhalation Toxicity
  • Lethal Dose 50 Test (LD 50)